Our vision

We are a home for families. Supporting families and promoting mutual exchange and creating a sense of belonging to ones community.

Our mission

We welcome and support families by enhancing their community and family life in a spirit of respect, integrity and collaboration.

Our values


We warmly welcome families with our personal approach in order to shape a trusting, listening environment.


We firmly believe in respecting all peoples and their beliefs. We commit to being available and open-minded towards all individuals, all families of all cultures, of all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. We are bound and promise full confidentiality during all our discussions.


We work with families and the community to foster cooperation and the exchange of knowledge, drawing from our experience.

Family Oriented

We are a team focused on the needs of families.


Through the management of the Baobab, the relationships with our partners, our envolment in the community and the support of our families, we always demonstrate proof of integrity.