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The drop-off daycare is a fun and nurturing environment for children. While providing a temporary respite for parents, our educators take great care of the children.
Through educational and creative games and activities, children learn French and a routine in preparation for daycare or school. While socializing, children develop relationships and advance their undertanding of community. Every child is welcomed with open arms and an individual accompaniment is provided for each child based on his/her needs, no matter the difficulties encountered.


Tuesday: 9:30 am to 1 pm (all ages)
Wednesday: 9:30 am to 12 pm (all ages)
Thursday: 9:30 am to 3 pm (18 months and older)

Costs and registration

$15 per day or $40 for 3 days

For more information, contact:

Tamar-Anne (Tamy) Duverger

Youth Worker & Baobouge Program Coordinator


“You can learn more about someone in an hour of play than in an hour of conversation.”

― Plato
The Baobab Familial is a home for families, a living space, a meeting place that promotes mutual exchange, help and a sense of belonging to one's community. We welcome and support families by enhancing their community and family life in a spirit of respect, integrity and collaboration.