The team

Julie Ledoux

Community worker

Andréanne Léveillé

Baoados program coordinator

Daniel Frankman

Homework program coordinator

Ghania Dahim

Administrative assistant

Anne-Marie Desmarais

Volunteering & internships coordinator

Laurianne Assénat

Vicky Stankovich

Acting Director General

Tamar-Anne (Tamy) Duverger

Youth worker & baobouge program coordinator

François Corriveau

Community worker & communications coordinator

Josée Barbeau

Home respite care coordinator

Rafif Hachani

Community worker

The Baobab Familial is a home for families, a living space, a meeting place that promotes mutual exchange, help and a sense of belonging to one's community. We welcome and support families by enhancing their community and family life in a spirit of respect, integrity and collaboration.