The FER program (Famille-Enfant-Réseaux, or CLAN for Child Links with Adults and Networks) is a child centered social development project that emphasizes community mobilization and mutual assistance. Through workshops, children are made aware of their rights and responsibilities. This allows them to become actors of change in their own community. To further create a protective circle around children, adults and community workers can also receive training in order to provide these workshops.

Migratory journey

This group is aimed at parents with an immigrant background who wish to take a look at the different stages of their migratory journey. The group will allow you to exchange, to hear other realities, to reflect on your story in order to realize that others may have had similar experiences and to allay the worries and wounds related to migration.


Y'A PERSONNE DE PARFAIT (Nobody's perfect) is a program made to enrich the parenting experience, offered in a community setting by facilitators for parents of children aged five and under.